Meet Louise

Certified Life Coach, Spiritual and Self Development Facilitator.


My business was created to support women on their pathway to greater self love, inner peace and transformation.


Welcome, I'm Louise

Many years ago when I was married with three young children, my life started to show some cracks beneath the happy facade. You think if you keep on going that everything will work out and you will become happier. 

Another move, another town, a different house, a new job, that should do it.  But life at times has a different way for you to recognise what is unconscious.  For me it was a total breakdown of all that I knew, loved and had. My life and the lives of my family would never be the same again. 

I was totally brought to my knees and prayed for God to help me and my family.  I felt so alone and broken!

The paradox to my life at that time, was that even though my family and I were going through such loss, turmoil and pain, something else was appearing in my world. Unbeknown to me at the time, I was going through a spiritual awakening.

My consciousness was beginning to break open. Little did I know that this process, the spiritual journey, would be my saving grace.  

I had embarked on a spiritual journey, without the recognition that I had called it in. As I know now, that is not possible. I had absolutely called it in and everything that had occurred before was the catalyst for my awakening.


Fast forward twenty five years and I am here now in this place of gratitude for all that has been and is in this present moment.

I have experienced some of the most profound teachers and their teachings, some alive and some not and some just as ordinary as me. As I have come to know, each person you meet is a teacher of some kind. 

This journey of life is inclusive of our spiritual journey, they are one and the same if perceived correctly. When I embarked on this path not trodden by anyone that I knew personally, only my uncle, which I didn't realise at the time, I was incredibly lonely, confused, and at times bloody scared.  I didn't understand what was happening. I questioned many times, why was this happening to me and how the hell did I get here?


I now know two things for sure.

One, that life is a wonderful journey to LOVE. Not the love of another, even though that is included, but the Love of something far greater, more powerful than you can imagine. The journey to your True Self, your Oneness with God/Divine Source/ Divine Love/Universe, this is the journey we are all on.

And Two, that we are here to see each other not as separate beings, alone in this world but as one sharing this beautiful Divine Source. Then we really learn how to love, understand and forgive each other.

I wished I had understood this when I was young and starting out in the world of relationships, marriage and children!

This is why I decided to create this business, many years ago. I wanted to support and nurture women going through uncertain, turbulent and transitional times.  I have walked this road and still do, through all its incredible lows and it's beautiful highs.  I have wholeheartedly dedicated my life to the understanding, learning and living life multidimensionally, which is mind, body, spirit and heart and opening myself up to deep gratitude, forgiveness and unconditional love.

So here I am, on a mission, to assist women to "soulfully" empower themselves, because going "within" is where true, lasting, healing power comes from.

This is the place to start....

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A Contributing Author 2018