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A Joyful Life Is Within Reach

Would you like to experience greater peace and happiness in your life and create a deeper relationship with yourself and others?

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Meet Louise

Certified Life Coach, Spiritual & 

Self Discovery Facilitator 

 As a coach, facilitator and speaker, I'm passionate about supporting women change  from the inside out, by creating deeper joy, happiness, love and success.

 I have been in the health, wellbeing and spiritual industries for 30 years and have assisted many women to heal from loss, grief, stress and relationship issues.

Through the melding of mind, body, spirit and heart, I take a synergistic approach to empowerment and transformation.

Through our programs, workshops and one on one coaching sessions, you will be embraced, nurtured and guided on your journey to greater self love, peace and happiness.

I look forward to sharing your journey with you!

Louise Cramond Life and Spiritual Coaching for Women

Did you know that your inner peace, love and happiness are your birthright?

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You may say "No Way".  "My life is a mess and I can never seem to experience long term peace and happiness".  "One minute it's here, then the next it is gone".

So begins the endless search to fix, find and force a persona that seems to be limited, small, alone and never fulfilled.

The good news is that you don't need to improve yourself to experience more love, peace and happiness.  The real you is stronger and deeper than any aspect of your life that could be corrected.

As the obstacles to peace and wellbeing are identified, the pathway to greater health and healing is established.

According to Dr Jerry Jampolsky, founder of Attitudinal Healing, "Health is defined as inner peace and healing is defined as letting go of fear."

 If you feel the stirring for change and are ready to step out of conflict, stress and unhappiness, 

then it's time for you to invest in yourself and your wellbeing and book a free consultation.


Woman on a healing journey and path to happiness and self love.

The Journey Towards Happiness Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Edwina K.

"I am forever grateful for taking the leap of faith and having Lou as my coach and mentor. I have never looked back and have been happy ever since.  I could recommend Lou to everyone and anyone who has doubts about themselves, their lives and their ability.  She is a wonderful, knowledgeable human being, that cares about your outcomes."

 "Lou, you have helped guide me back to love, the true source that sustains us all so fully.

The journey never ends.  Thank you for your wisdom, your willingness to be vulnerable and for your love and support you have and continue to give so wholeheartedly.  You are an absolute inspiration.

Philippa R.

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